CNI S.p.A.

CNI S.p.A. was incorporated in 1974 and focuses on the delivery of archiving, technical and operational services within the scope of document management, and the advanced outsourcing of business processes.
Thanks to the experience and expertise gained, CNI is a secure and reliable partner from an operational/archiving perspective as well as from a technical perspective.

CNI: The Core of Archiving.

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On the month of january 2016, CNI S.p.A. is able to provide services regarding aquisition, processing and long term preservation storage of digital data and documents.

On the last february 26, 2016 at the multimedia lounge of "Castello Svevo" in Bari was presented the project "Sistema degli Archivi del patrimonio cartografico e fotografico storico della Regione Puglia". Cni was involved in providing services regarding acquisition and catalogation of ancient and historical maps.
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